The 1 of May my dear friend Staffan turned 40. His wife Sofia did the same a couple of months earlier. The first weekend of May they where going on a trip to Berlin to celebrate all this with lots of friends but unfortunately me and Erik couldn’t join them because of work. I was at home making pillows the night before them leaving and Staffans actual birthday and then got the idea of making Staffan and Sofia pillows as well. My hubby works just next to where they live so he was going to bring them the gifts. Right before leaving in the morning I asked Erik – can’t you take them out on the subway and ask someone to snap a photo of you with “Sofia and Staffan” next to you? But while speaking it out loud I got an even better idea. Even though they would go to Berlin this wasn’t going to stop me hanging out and celebrate with them. And you know what- we had a blast! I posted all the images on my Instagram under the tag #gillgertz40 (a form of Brangelina name made with their last names). Here is our story!

May 1, 2013

“Hip hip hurray @staffelino 40 today! We’re so happy we can spend it with you 2!”

“@staffelino think the best thing with birthdays is eating sweets and don’t we all agree?!”

“A birthday also need some depth, it’s 1 of May after all”


“Oopsy daisy”

“Surf, sand and good company!”

“Puh, all the excitement…”

“More coffee to get this party going!”

“Oh honey I hope he doesn’t come close! – na think he’s more afraid of you than you of him”

“We’re telling ya- Stockholm is such a cool city. Way better than say Berlin.”

“This birthday bubble of ours is the bestest!”

“You and me baby to infinity and beyond”

“Once a year baby. We go all in!”

“You know this must be one of the best days of my life!”

“Watch out @sofiaringertz! I think something is stuck in your hair!”

“Our own meadow. Just like Bella and Edward. So romantique!”

“My friends went to Berlin but all I got was these lousy balloons”

“You look really pretty today hon! I like your hair that way!”

“Ok folks it’s been a great day but even birthdays have to end. Lots of love XXX”

“-Sofia! Sofia! God dammit, Sofia. I thought we closed this party? Where are you now – Spy Bar?”

The End
Ps, I also made a book with this story and gave to them together with the pillows


Ps 2,
I had so much fun making this. I was suppose to have a quiet smart phone day off with the kids but we all went bananas with this. Talked to so many strangers, the kids helped me hold the pillows and climb on to stuff with them. It was a bit hilarious though juggling it all. Making up a good tag line, having enough batteries for the phone and still wanting to be a present in the real life mum and not stare at my phone all the time.