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I think it was 4 years ago in 2008- then I was invited by this guy to decorate a Christmas tree. Each year a set of designers/fashion personas etc. get the join a Christmas Tree exhibition at Hotel Birger Jarl in Stockholm.
It was funny cause most of the others where there for like an hour just adding cools stuff to their tree.
My idea, the Re-tree, was that I could be able to reuse the tree the next year. You buy a tree and when it loose it’s needles you wrap the branches and put it in your garage.
Saving the environment a little but still to enjoy a tree.

I reused old clothes and kind of mummified the whole tree.  12 hours straight I made it and had friends passing by – helping out all the way so we could say it took about 24 hours to make this tree.
I still love the idea.
Unfortunately I didn’t get any great shots from it. But you get the picture – right?

The birds hanging in the tree are made of old Christmas linens that I found second hand.