A Saturday in March 2013 It was time for me to join Nyhetsmorgon once again. And I made all kinds of message boards and pimped some pins. This one above is a simple little thing.

1. I spray painted the Ikea frame Ung Drill with Montana Gold paint.
2. Then I used a cork message board Väggis  and cut it out in an oval shape. After it I used some spray glue and covered the cork with some fabric. and I stapled it to the back.
3. Use some Ribbons across the board. It looks nice but also works as a holder for stuff to just tuck in.
4. You can make good looking thumbtacks by either paint on them with some nail polish or just glue a button to it or whatever you want to be a pin.
5 Hang it on your wall!

To see more message boards that I made just watch the clip above or on this link.

I also made some magnets out of caps and photo’s of the singer Danny and his sixpack.