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Between 16-24th of August 2012 there was a “living” exhibition in the new hood called Annedal just outside Stockholm. There are 24 different developers who’s going to show 24 different kind of living possibilities during these 11 days. I did one of the apartments for Svenska Bostäder.
They have 324 apartments for rent in this neighborhood and will show 3 of them for the public. Talanted Taf Design and Jens Fager did the other two.
I worked together with kids from the day care just across the street. They helped me with inspiration and also I used their paintings in the decoration. Like on this image above – one of their fold-painting became a wallpaper. I really tried to fill all the room with DIY tips.
In this apartment there are 2 moms living with two kids and a daughter from a previous marriage who got this room above that actually is made as a dressing room. The idea was to do it rebellion cool in some kind of way for a cool girl with strong ideas.

The grown up bed room is made as a giant sofa/bed actually 3 meter broad. There is a tv in the room and this huge bed is instead of a large sofa in the living room. The yellow fabric is from Littlephant. 

In the kitchen almost everything is made out of vinyl plastic. Cause it’s an easy way to change a look of a room without actually harming the original furniture. When you rent an apartment there are a lot of rules about what you may or not do to personalize it. I want to show that you can bend these rules a lot.

Calendar wall sticker from Ferm, recycle baskets from Ikea, our party kit and vinyl stickers on a roll.

I had a vision of a huge creative room. Instead of having a living room with a large sofa and a TV – I was thinking more about a modern room with lots of functions. A lot of people use their eating table for different project, like home work, bills, or diy projects and when it’s time to eat you don’t know where to put all the stuff. This living got a big table for all kind of projects and a table you can easy clean when you have friends over for dinner. There is also gymnastic rings for the kids and a climbing wall. Extra madrases for climbing protection, sleepovers or just to snuggle in. In this room there is also a small tv for gaming.

Besides gymnastic stuff I feel that the best toys for kids are making stuff so I put this carpenter bench in the living room. And you can write directly on the wall since it’s painted with White board color.

The shelf is a wallpaper behind a classic shelving system. My dad helped me build up the apartment, he’s not part of the exhibition.

The balcony got a sofa from pallets and tub trugs became mini sandboxes for the kids.
(This last 2 photo’s is by Peter Lydén. All the other photo’s by me- Isabelle McAllister).