One day laying in bath I looked at this old bubble bath bottle standing empty on the side of the bath tube as it had been doing for the past year. Simply too cute to throw away. Then I got it – It had to become a lamp!
A good recycled plastic lamp!

So I just took of the head and cut of the soap pump. That made a larger connection and a larger hole between the head and the body of the kitty. After I glued them together with Super Glue. To get the cord inside I simply made a hole under her little tail.

The Ikea LED lamp Dioder is perfect for this. It’s flexible so you can cut it at the length you need and it switches colors. It’s also cold which eliminates the fire hazard a bit because you need to be careful. Do only use cold lamps with no chance of over heating! LED is perfect for this.
Basically you can do this with anything cool looking and empty within – as I also did with this doll. You can also watch me make this lamp on the TV show Gokväll – click click on this link!