December is dark and even if we celebrate it we still need all the light that we can get! So I made a lamp out of this old doll. I also showed it on SVT’s TV show Gokväll- Watch it here.
I simply made a hole in the dolls behind and put this LED light from Ikea in it! Make sure you use LED lamps or lamps which are cold so there are no fire hazard.

Here is the full clip of when I was on the TV show <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Gokväll</a> last week. I will also post all the things I made individual with photo’s here on the blog. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>The garland</a> you have already seen. Chuck the doll lamp and the Hello kitty lamp will follow!
<a href=”;sida=1″ target=”_blank”>If the clip doesn’t show try this link</a>