Today is Lucia where we celebrate the light!
For the TV show Gokväll on SVT1 last week I made four different sets of Christmas garland decorations.
I chose to make them with things many of us have at home – cupcakes- and toffee forms and paper doilies.
Just make sure your garlands feel cold and preferably are made of LED because of the fire hazard!
And don’t glue, tape on the lamp or cut the cable.

For the paper doily I just cut a little hole in the middle for the lamp to go through.
Then I just folded them to a nice shape and used transparent tape to make them stick.

These I call the cupcake flowers. The same as the doilies. Just make a hole in the middle I used two forms
– for more “leaves” after you shape them for you liking and tape them to the garland.
If you want extra decoration just use washi tape or some string around the base or even the cord!
I did that on some of mine.

These I call the cupcake hats. The really simple ones. I used two forms for a layering effect.

I cut leaves – just rounded shapes of one of the forms. You can cut many of them at the same time.
If you fold them i’s even more easy.
Then put them on top of each other make a hole in the middle and just thread them on the lamps!

These are my favorites. Like cherry blossom. It’s toffee forms put together as sort of star shapes.

Just glue the sides so they stick together. Some of them became smaller and others larger.
I just followed the shape that it became naturally. I found it easiest to use a sticky glue stick.
Just save a little hole between to forms jsut big enough for a lamp to go through!

You can watch me make all of this in this link.