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This is a classic electrical lamp that many Swedish families have in their windows during December. Normally they come in a classic, red, white or just simply wood. The normal one is rather ugly but I guess I made this one so now even I can think about having one at home.
I just used some washi tape around the plastic candles (not on the lamps) and also on the base. Sometimes Washi doesn’t stick that good but then just use a coat of varnish on top and it will be great. To get the round shapes I just took a razor blade to cut of the excess. You can watch me do this DIY on TV4 here.

The by far most easiest advent DIY’s.
I love toadstools and dots so the red one had to become a mixture of these loves. I had a electric advent lamp and then just bought white small round stickers at a craft/office supply store. The candle cuffs had some small golden berries which I replaced with plastic toadstools. To get the lamps red just paint them with a permanent marker, like a Sharpie! This one you can also watch me do in the TV4 feature right here
Good luck to get in the Christmas spirits!